Literary Publications

Two of Sarah’s short stories, “A Heavy Burden” (May 2016) and “Just A Small Town Girl” (May 2014), were published in Calliope, University of the Pacific’s award-winning arts and literary magazine. Each piece was selected from over 100 works submitted by Pacific’s undergraduate students and was chosen through a blind admissions process. Editors do not give input on their own works.

Sarah’s five-stanza free verse poem “Ouroboros” was published on Textploit.


Other Writing

The Pacifican (2013-2016)

During her tenure as the Copy/Content Editor and a Staff Reporter for Pacific’s award-winning student newspaper, Sarah authored opinion pieces on a number of contemporary, polemic topics, including whitewashingthe gender pay gap, the state’s power vs. an individual’s rights, the detriments of censorship, and the significance of pursuing a humanities degree. She also penned film reviews and fashion advice.


Sleepless in Beijing (Summer 2015)

Sarah coauthored a grant with the Humanities Scholars Program Director, Dr. Lehmann, which gave her the opportunity to spend five weeks in Beijing, China. While abroad, Sarah studied Mandarin and Asian Cinema and conducted a photojournalism project that chronicled China’s evolving street fashion trends and industry. Her work was accepted for Pacific’s Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference during the fall of 2015. Reflecting on her experiences in Beijing, Sarah said, “I will miss the life that runs through Beijing’s veins… There is something amazing about knowing you exist in a place that resists and embraces change at the same time.” To learn more about Sarah’s summer and see some of her photos, check out her blog.